NEW Acceptance Toolkit

At the close of this year-long project, the project team is extremely pleased to share

The Acceptance Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to serve as a practical guide for NGO staff to understand, assess and strengthen their organization’s acceptance approach to NGO security management.  It includes useful diagrams and a series of easy to use assessment tools. We hope that this tool will serve as an innovative resource for NGO practitioners.

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Release of Final Report!

We are pleased to release our final report and to announce the conclusion of this year-long collaborative effort to further the NGO community’s understanding of acceptance as a security management approach and under what circumstances it can be effective.

We invite you to read and download our final report, titled:

The Promise of Acceptance

Insights into acceptance as a security management approach from field research in Kenya, South Sudan and Uganda.

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In Acceptance we Trust?

We recently presented some of our findings from our acceptance field research in East Africa at the InterAction Forum in Washington, DC and the EISF Forum in Brussels, Belgium. The presentation below also explores our upcoming Acceptance Assessment Toolkit and the next steps in the project.

Click here to download the presentation as a pdf.

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Findings on acceptance in East Africa

We are excited to release the first two of three of our country reports.  

Kenya, South Sudan and Uganda Country Reports 

Findings from Field Research on Acceptance

These reports present key findings on three main research questions:

1) What do organizations do to gain and maintain acceptance?
2) How do organizations assess and monitor the presence and degree of acceptance?
3) How do organizations determine whether acceptance is effective in a given context?

After discussing key findings, each report provides recommendations for NGOs on how to better achieve the promise of acceptance in that country.

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Acceptance at InterAction Forum!

As many of you know, the project team recently presented at the InterAction Forum 2011 at a session titled: In Acceptance we Trust?

The brief below provides some of the highlights of the field research and findings, which will be discussed in-depth in our upcoming final report.

Click here to download the Acceptance Research Brief directly!

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NEW! Nairobi Workshop and CLA Report

Learn about our recent Regional Consultation and Training Workshop in Nairobi and field research in East Africa. Click to view and download the Workshop & CLA Report.

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Acceptance White Paper – Available for download!

We are pleased to share our Acceptance White Paper.  View the article and share your thoughts with colleagues and the project team.

You can now DOWNLOAD THE ACCEPTANCE WHITE PAPER directly as well.

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Acceptance Research in East Africa

The Collaborative Learning Approach to NGO Security Management project recently held two key events in East Africa: a Regional Consultation and Training Workshop in Nairobi and field research on acceptance in Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan.

Focus group discussion, Kenya

The aim of the Regional Consultation and Training Workshop was twofold – 1) to generate a better understanding of acceptance as a security management approach, specifically including the field-level perspective and 2) to train participants in qualitative field research methods and build their skills and capacity.  The field research that followed the Workshop in Uganda, South Sudan and Kenya aimed to gather information on how NGOs understand acceptance, how they implement an acceptance approach to security management, and under what circumstances acceptance can be effective.  We hope to glean new insights and practices from the diverse staff and stakeholders consulted throughout this process.

Click here to find out more about these events! 

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Centralized v. Decentralized Security Management

During the HQ consultations in Washington DC and Geneva discussions arose around the relative merits/constraints between a centralized vs. a decentralized approach to security management.  At Save the Children we have largely used a ‘centralized’ approach; that is, creating a department of Global Safety and Security to bring focus to the issues, developing a strategy for improving safety and security management systems throughout the organization and championing this initiative until such time that it is sufficiently mainstreamed.  Our approach has been to first introduce the concept of safety and security management to SC senior leadership to gain their support.  Next we tried to dovetail whatever elements we could with existing management systems (financial management, HR management, program management, etc.) with a view toward integrating safety and security management standards and procedures into the existing organizational fabric.  By tapping into this admittedly hierarchical approach we have had to be mindful of maintaining our horizontal relationships so that we do not end up in a security silo.

I am curious about approaches others have used to mainstream safety and security management into your respective organizations.  Do you take a centralized or decentralized approach?  How do you monitor the level of mainstreaming?  How do you determine effectiveness?  Compliance?

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