Project Events

As it’s name suggests, one of the main goals of the Collaborative Learning Approach to NGO Security Management Project is to foster greater collaboration among NGOs on issues related to acceptance and security management. One of the key ways which we seek to do this is through sharing project events and outcomes.  This page is set up to provide a quick summary of each project event and to share any summary notes or reports which emerged.


1. International Consultations in Washington, DC and Geneva

 Directors of security and other headquarters staff discussed the key concepts of acceptance, activities to gain acceptance, strategies for promoting acceptance at the headquarters level and challenges and successes in promoting acceptance. These consultations spurred thinking on acceptance, promoted the sharing of practices and informed the Acceptance White Paper discussed below. At the consultation, organizations also had the opportunity to voice their interest in participating in the Regional Workshop and field research inEast Africa.

 Security Consultation Documents


2. Regional Consultation and Training Workshop and field research in East Africa

 In April, the project team held key events in East Africa: a Regional Consultation and Training Workshop in Nairobi followed by field research on acceptance inKenya,Uganda andSouth Sudan. Field staff from sixteen different organizations participated, with some organizations sending staff from more than one country.

Workshop and CLT Report


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