Nairobi Workshop & CLT

The Collaborative Learning Approach to NGO Security Management project recently held two key events: a Regional Security Workshop in Nairobi and collaborative learning activities in Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan.  We hope will this brief update gives you an overview of the Workshop and field research. You can also view and download the Workshop Report here.

 Regional Consultation and Training Workshop

On April 4, 2011 we welcomed participants to our Regional Consultation and Training Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya. Field staff from a wide range of organizations participated, including staff from major INGOs such as World Vision, Catholic Relief Services, Concern Worldwide, VSO, CARE, Adventist Development & Relief Agency, Welthungerhilfe, International Medical Corps, Save the Children, Norwegian Refugee Council, Mercy Corps and American Refugee Committee as well as from several locally-based organizations. These organizations and staff dedicated significant time and energy to participate in nearly three weeks of training and field research.

The Regional Consultation and Training Workshop took place from April 5-8, with full days starting at 8:30am and ending at 5:30pm. In short, each day’s sessions, group work and discussions covered the following material:

  • Day 1: Acceptance as a Security Management Approach – What is it? How do organizations gain/maintain acceptance? How do organizations monitor/assess whether they have it? Is it an effective security management approach?
  • Day 2: Orientation to the Acceptance Assessment Toolkit – Orientation to sections of the toolkit and solicitation of feedback on its contents/layout/language, etc.
  • Day 3: An Introduction to Research – Orientation to research ethics, bias and qualitative methods. Demonstrative and interactive exercises to practice conducting key informant interviews and focus group discussions.
  • Day 4: Informed Consent and Logistics – Orientation to informed consent process and additional practice. Logistics and team strategy sessions for the upcoming activities in the field.

Collaborative Learning Activities

Focus group discussion, Kenya

Directly after the workshop, participants returned to their home country or country of work as part of a collaborative learning team. Each country team spent ten days split between the capital city and two field locations conducting interviews and holding focus groups. Research teams interviewed staff from INGOs and local organizations in diverse positions within their respective organizations (e.g., Country Directors, Security Focal Points, program staff, logisticians, etc).  Teams also interviewed various stakeholders (e.g., local officials) and held focus group discussions with NGO program beneficiaries and other community members.

We would like to acknowledge the important role several organizations played as our hosting partners for the collaborative learning activities. These organizations included: Save the Children in Kenya, Catholic Relief Services and American Refugee Committee in South Sudan, and Concern Worldwide in Uganda. These organizations dedicated significant personnel time to work with Faith Freeman, our Project Associate, to arrange for lodging, vehicle rental, and other logistical and administrative support that arose for teams while they were in the field. We were extremely pleased by the level of collaboration and interest in the project demonstrated by participant enthusiasm and institutional support.

What’s next….

The next stage of this project will involve extensive analysis of the data collected in the field. We will be drafting a report on each country as well as a policy-focused document. We are very excited as we enter this stage of the project and look forward to sharing our findings with the broader NGO community.

Please continue to check back for more information!


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