Acceptance White Paper

The Acceptance White Paper draws on current writing on acceptance, with insight from other sources (not only those specifically addressing acceptance), to build a useful and more comprehensive concept of operational acceptance for readers. It also examines issues and challenges associated with an acceptance approach to security management that emerged from discussions at two International Security Consultations we hosted last fall in Washington, DC and Geneva. The Acceptance White Paper has been accepted for publication:“In acceptance we trust? Conceptualizing acceptance as a viable approach to security management,” by Larissa Fast, Faith Freeman, Michael O’Neill, and Elizabeth Rowley. Forthcoming in Disasters.


This White Paper informed our recent Regional Consultation and Training Workshop in East Africa and subsequent field research in Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan (April 2011). The collaborative field research tested some of the ideas about acceptance proposed here. This paper has since been revised based on multiple sources of feedback and accepted for publication in a forthcoming issue of Disasters journal.

We invite you to share your thoughts on and reactions to the issues discussed in the white paper using the “Leave a Reply” box below the article.


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