Acceptance Resources

New Materials!

Southern Afghanistan: Acceptance still works
Pont, Nigel, Mercy Corps

Securing Access through acceptance in Afghanistan and Pakistan
MacDonald, Ingrid, Norwegian Refugee Council


The Delivery of Humanitarian Assistance in Afghanistan: A Human Security Dilemma for Canada
Contributing authors: Lara Olson, Francois Audet, Norine MacDonald, Arne Strand, Cheshmak Farhoumand-Sims

In Aid We Trust: Hearts and Minds in the Pakistan Earthquake of 2005
Andrabi, Tahir and Jishnu Das

A closer look at Acceptance
Fast, Larissa and Michael O’Neill

Perception and acceptance at community level: the case of MSF in Yemen
Haddad, Saleem

The ethos-practice gap – perceptions of humanitarianism in Iraq, ICRC
Hansen, Greg

A neutral, impartial and independent approach: Key to ICRCs acceptance in Iraq
Mattli, Karl and Jorg Gasser

Acceptance, an approach to security as if people mattered
O’Neill, Michael

How We Look: Hostile Perceptions of Humanitarian Action
Slim, Hugo

Module: Image, Acceptance and Reciprocity
Van Brabant, Koenraad

The Listening Project Issue Paper: “Presence”: Why Being Here Matters

Security Training Manual, Module 5 Image and Acceptance

News Articles

Aid Groups Concerned over US Branding in Pakistan, AlertNet
Gregory, Michael

Collision at Intersection of Quick Fix and Long Haul in Afghanistan, Pakistan, CNN, Oct 18 2010, CNN
Labott, Elise

US should ‘delete its logos’ on aid to Pakistan
Lawson, Alastair

Why American aid workers in Pakistan need to keep a low profile, Washington Post
Worthington, Samuel

NGO Security Management Resources…
Additional Resources…


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