NGO Security Management Resources

New Materials!

 2010 Good Practice Review 8
Humanitarian Practice Network, ODI

To Stay and Deliver: Good practice for humanitarians in complex security environments
Egeland, Jan, Adele Harmer and Abby Stoddard

Safety First: A safety and security handbook for aid workers (2010)
Shaun Bickley, Save the Children

Managing Aid Agency Security in an Evolving World: The Larger Challenge
Van Brabant, Koenraad 

Security Collaboration: Best Practices Guide, 2011

Reflecting on Risk and Security Management, 2008
Berghof Foundation for Peace Support


Security Risk Management: NGO Approach, InterAction

Saving Lives Together: A Review of Security Collaboration between the UN and Humanitarian Actors on the Ground

The Listening Project Issue Paper: The Role of Staffing Decisions

Generic Security Guide for Humanitarian Organizations

Security Training Manual, Trainer’s Guide

Designing Security, Security Management Institute
Bolletino, Vincenzo

Towards a Common Security Framework: Securing Access and Managing Risks in Hazardous Missions
Bruderlein, Claude

Humanitarian action in the new security environment: policy and operational implications in Iraq
Carle, Alexandre and Hakim Chkam

Mapping the Security Environment: Understanding the perceptions of local
communities, peace support operations, and assistance agencies

Donini, Antonio, Larry Minear, Ian Smillie,Ted van Baarda, and Anthony C. Welch

NGO Security: Does Gender Matter?
Gaul, Alexis, Michael Keegan, Marjorie Lawrence and Maria Lya Ramos
Save the Children and George Washington University

Key security messages for NGO field staff: what and how do NGOs communicate about security in their policies and guidelines?
Rowley, Elizabeth, Lauren Burns and Gilbert Burnham

Providing Aid in Insecure Environments: Trends in Policy and Operations, 2006
Stoddard, Abby, Adele Harmer and Katherine Haver

Providing Aid in Insecure Environments, Trends in Policy and Operations, 2006, Briefing
Stoddard, Abby, Adele Harmer and Katherine Haver

Providing Aid in Insecure Environments, 2009 Update
Stoddard, Abby, Adele Harmer and Victoria DiDomenico

Good Practice Review 8: Operational Security Management in Violent Environments
Van Brabant, Koenraad

Mainstreaming the Organisational Management of Safety and Security
Van Brabant, Koenraad

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